6 Steps To A Better Gluten Free Breakfast

6 Steps To A Better Gluten Free Breakfast

Breakfast is the best meal of the day. It's the first meal of the day. And very exciting. A great brekky really sets the tone.

But there's never been an easy fix on a gluten free diet. In fact, breakfast is the hardest part about going GF.

It takes commitment and persistence, and finding a truly great alternative that ticks all the boxes.

gluten free breakfast in bed with bread alternative

What are the 6 most important steps for a better gluten free breakfast?

No diving into the freezer

You want a bread alternative that stays fresh in the fridge. There’s nothing worse than thawing out a water-logged gluten-free slice and it never reaching a crisp, warm taste explosion.

A slice that won’t fall apart in the toaster

It smells amazing, your mouth is watering. You pick it out of the toaster as carefully as possible... and it crumbles into a million pieces. Arrgghhh! Toast is made for the plate, not the bottom of your toaster.

All names, no numbers

When we started with the gluten free life, GF breads were an underwhelming experiment. They had a bundle of ingredients, most of which were numbers or things we’d never heard of. They're better now but still, too often gluten free flour breads forget what great food is all about - simple, nutritious ingredients.

It doesn’t break the bank

This is a big one! A nutritious, high quality GF loaf for under $15? Good luck out there!

Lasting satisfaction

When I think of those early gluten-free breads, I think of eating half a loaf just to feel full. Then walking out the door and being hungry in an hour. A really great breakfast compliments your morning coffee and gives you the nutrients you need to blast through the mid-morning sugar crash.

It’s keeps you a regular

Yep, constipation is a little awkward to talk about, but it’s far worse to suffer in silence. One common cause is not enough fibre in your diet. Everyone has their own version of “normal” but for us a regular trip to the loo each morning is one less thing we need to worry about.

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