The Story Of Saat Seed Loaf Mix

The Story Of Saat Seed Loaf Mix

When we started gluten free living, the bread alternatives available were terrible.

Our home was a Landcruiser Troopcarrier, parked on a beach in Western Australia. Our life was books, walks, swims, chats, food.

It was a time before gluten free living became a popular choice. And for us it began as an experiment. A challenge that we'd read about in some holistic living circles. If we bought only GF foods on our monthly trip to civilisation, we could only eat GF foods until the next shop... Easy.

That first time was cold turkey, not bothering with breads or crackers. And somewhere in those weeks, one sunny morning with a coffee in hand, we agreed - something feels different... Cleaner and more efficient on the insides... It was difficult to explain but it was definitely there.

A the end of 4 weeks, only one desire stood in the way. The want, the need, for a cheese toastie was too much to deal with!

And so, returning to civilisation, we returned to the shops in hunt of a gluten free bread alternative.

The bread alternatives available were terrible!

A frozen, expensive, crumbling mix of strange flours and numbers. But what else could you do? It was all there was so we tried them anyway, in the hope of finding something, anything.

That fight went on for some years. Until one day we stumbled across a recipe so simple, so wholesome, that we wondered how we hadn’t thought of it ourselves.

The first attempt was a total success! Malty, toasty, nutty… A life-changing, delicious, whole food seed loaf.

Quick, bake another one!

So we did. And it's been a joy ever since!

saat seed loaf bread alternative

Over the years we refined that loaf, removing what we felt was unnecessary - the oils, sweeteners, allergy foods. Getting the mix to the point of "just add water" and bake.

It started with the original - Saat With Oats. A mix of oats, sunflower seeds, linseed, pepitas, chia seeds, buckwheat flour & psyllium husk - no nasty additives, no preservatives.

Version 2 - Saat Gluten Free - came about from customer feedback and family needs. We swapped the oats for mix of quinoa flakes and buckwheat flour, filling the need for a celiac friendly version.

Our mission was to make the simplest gluten free bread alternative we could, for our own convenience.

In doing that, we've made the simplest of GF bread alternatives available to everybody!

High in nutrients and low in hassle, Saat is designed for convenience. Simply mix in two cups of water, let rest in a bread pan for at least two hours and bake. It really is that easy!

Saat Seed Loaf Mix is packed with fibre. It's high protein, anti-inflammatory, pro-digestion and great tasting goodness. So quick and simple to make, even easier to clean up, and it ticks all the important boxes - gluten-free, dairy-free, yeast-free, nut-free & vegan, just to name a few.

But best of all, you can add to the mix in whatever way you like. Want to add nuts? Go for it. Swap a cup of water for juicy figs or orange juice? Absolutely! Add some salt for extra taste? Sure thing.

We keep it simple, so you can go crazy!

Saat Seed Loaf Mix started as a way to bring delicious, healthy joy to our family. Now it's here for your family as well ♡

Take back the mornings with Saat Seed Loaf!

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