About Saat

What is Saat Seed Loaf Mix?

That's simple. Saat is a wheat free, nut free, yeast free, vegan mix that bakes into the healthy and delicious gluten-free seed loaf. To be eaten as a bread, cracker, even pizza base replacement! That's what Saat Seed Loaf Mix is.

But what really is Saat?

It's a feeling. It's a smell. It's a reminder of how good breakfast is. A memory of family and friends around a dip platter, wine, beer and cheese aplenty. It's flavour, health and a toasty crunch all mixed into mouthful after mouthful of guilt free joy. That makes me hungry!

Saat arrived in our world without any intention of becoming Saat Seed Loaf Mix. It came only with anticipation and a nourishing crunch!

But from that first moment it was destined to become the world's best GF bread alternative.

Read more about Saat's story here.

Saat Seed Loaf Mix has always been about convenience. Five minutes to make, one hour to bake.

The very reason it became a product is because we got tired of having to find all the ingredients and mix them together.

Let's pre-pack some and keep them in the pantry! That was the first lightbulb 💡

Let's gift them to friends! That was the second lightbulb 💡

You guys should sell these at these markets, a good friend said. Boom! The room lit up ⚡️

And Saat Seed Loaf Mix came to life.

Simply mix in two cups of water, let rest in a bread pan for at least two hours and bake. It really is that easy!

Saat Seed Loaf Mix is packed with fibre. It's high protein, anti-inflammatory, pro-digestion and great tasting goodness. So quick and simple to make, even easier to clean up, and it ticks all the important boxes - gluten-free, dairy-free, yeast-free, nut-free & vegan, just to name a few.

But best of all, you can add to the mix in whatever way you like. Want to add nuts? Go for it. Swap a cup of water for juicy figs or orange juice? Absolutely! Add some salt for extra taste? Sure thing.

We keep it simple, so you can go crazy.