Frequently Asked Questions

What mix should I buy on a gluten free diet?

If you are not strictly gluten free and are able to tolerate oats, Saat Seed Loaf With Oats is the one. Oats don't naturally contain, however, cross contamination can occur during processing. Oats also contain a protein called Avenin which can mimic the effects of gluten in some people.

If you're unable to eats oats, or unsure and want to be safe, we recommend buying Saat Seed Loaf Mix Gluten Free. The oats have been replaced with a mix of quinoa flakes and buckwheat flour, to cater to our coeliac customers. Be sure to read the ingredient list carefully and make sure you have no intolerances to other ingredients used.

How do I cook it? Is it really just add water?

We get this question very often. Most people are truly shocked when we say, just add 2 cups of water, let it rest for two hours in a bread pan and bake it for an hour. Honestly, it is that simple!

Are the bags recyclable?

Yes they are. Drop them off with your other soft plastics.

How much does one mix make?

One mix makes one loaf.

Do I need a bread pan?

You don't need one but it is easiest to make in a bread pan. We use a silicon bread pan, but a normal pan lined with baking paper works fine. The loaf takes the shape of whatever it sits in. So get creative! We also make it in a baguette or cob style. Check out our instagran to see how 🧑🏼‍🍳

Can I cook it in the Weber?

You sure can, in just the same way. You can even take it camping to cook fresh! But one quick thing from experience... If you use a silicon pan, make sure to have a solid plate between it and the flame! We melted our bread pan on the first attempt 😅

Can I freeze it?

Absolutely! This is the best way to store your cooked Saat. Just be sure to slice it first before freezing and then take it out to toast when you need.